Planet, People, Protection

Planet, People, Protection.


No single-use plastic
Natural and chemical free 

Effective antiviral protection

SteriPort provides environmentally responsible, sustainable and effective sanitisation solutions that protect you from viral and bacterial infection and the planet from plastic pollution.

Alcohol free, organic, water-based solution that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses without irritating the eye or skin and it will not damage hair or fabrics.

Developed by specialists supplying hospitals around the world, the SteriPort sanitiser foam is odourless, contains no alcohol and is safe for all skin types.


Of virtual and bacterial infections killed, including Flu, HIV and Covid19.


Organic with no taste or smell and alcohol free.


Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irritant and safe for wildlife.

Hygienic, safe, environmentally friendly and provides long lasting protection compared with alcohol-based disinfectants that are harmful to the environment.

Sustainable, Reliable, Economical

Sustainable, Reliable, Economical.


Sustainable resources
Reliable antiviral protection
Economical sanitisation

SteriPort sanitiser foam will save money on costly hand sanitiser refills and significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastic your employees and customer use.

SteriPort sanitiser foam is made from organic, sustainable resources and it is completely biodegradable.

A reliable, proven foam that kills bacteria and viruses without negativly impacting the environment or harming wildlife.

SteriPort sanitiser foam is available at a fraction of the price of alcohol based solutions and gels.

SteriPort provides a range of indoor and outdoor sanitiser solutions that are available to rent or hire, further reducing the cost of providing your employees and customers with environmentally responsible, effective protection against viral and bacterial infection.

Ask our team how much we can save you sanitation costs.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitisers

We create touchless, internet connected hand sanitisation technology designed for a better experience. Our dispensers provide a premium customisable solution for any commercial, retail or corporate environment.

Touch Free Dispensing

Our lithium battery powered dispensers deliver touch free sanitiser using any type of solution in both indoor or outdoor environments. The internal 3.5 Litre tank has a capacity to clean 10,000 hands and sends live sanitiser levels and usage data to the cloud.

  • Alcohol Free Solution
  • No alcohol or triclosan and non-flammable
  • Liquid, foam and gel options
  • Halal approved and vegan friendly
  • Scented options available
  • Conforms to BSEN 1276, BSEN 1500 & BSEN 14476
  • Available in 1L / 5L / 10L containers
  • Independently tested to kill 99.999% of bacteria, including Coronavirus

Happy Healthy Hands

Our hand sanitisers are designed to take any type of sanitiser liquid in gel, liquid or foam forms. We can offer own brand alcoholic and non-alcoholic sanitiser as well as working alongside existing sanitiser brands. 

We work with some of the world’s foremost brands on customising our dispenser technology. Our devices have been designed to be sprayed or wrapped in any colour or livery specific to commercial environments.

If you would like to know more about are innovative hand sterilisation solution, let us know and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Featured Installation

Testimonial – Eight Club, London.



Prestigious Private Members Clubs in the Heart of the City.

The prestigious Eight Club – Moorgate is situated on the top three floors and offers panoramic views of the city with a simple concept of creating “a professional yet relaxing atmosphere with a range of tailored services for the members, focusing on service, the highest quality food and drinks, all delivered within a beautifully defined interior.”

The first Eight Private Members Club was opened at Bank, London in 2006 with a second three floor venue opening at Moorgate two years later. The Eight Clubs provide their members with premium venues in which to work and socialise.

Eight Club are creating a safe and secure environment for our members to enjoy. As part of our continued efforts to care for the health and wellbeing of our members and employees, Eight Club are installing SteriPort Sterilisation Gateways at the entrance of each of our clubs, that will help the club’s attendees stay protected against bacterial and viral infections.

We are really excited to have installed SteriPort as an additional layer of safety within our Clubs. Protecting our staff and our members has always been our priority, particularly over the last few months and we’re really proud that Eight is going that extra mile to provide a secure environment as we launch our brand-new health and wellbeing centre, Eight Core.

Annabelle Gely

Operations Director, Eight Club

Eight Bank EC3

1, Change Alley

Phone: 020 7621 0808

Eight Moorgate EC2

1, Dysart Street

Phone: 020 7392 9410

Eight Core EC2

1, Dysart Street

Phone: 020 7392 9410

More information about the Eight Club venues and private memberships can be found here.

Information about the Eight Club’s new Health and Wellbeing Centre (Core) can be found here

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